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Welcome to Flume, a proudly South African technology first digital agency that envisions a world where people and brands find each other in ways that matter.

We channel your brand to accelerate digital growth with strategic planning, creative flare, unrivalled web development, and optimised ad campaigns.

Enter Our Flume

It’s in the name

/fluːm/ noun: A purpose-built channel that conveys water from source to desired destination.

That's how we maintain a smooth journey for your brand with award-winning results.

Welcome to our digital Flume

We start by flowing & organising information through


Research is vital, as it provides critical insights into your target audience's preferences, behaviours, and needs, enabling us to tailor your company's strategy effectively, build stronger connections, and create customer-centric brand experiences that foster growth. Speaking of Strategy...

User Experience (UX)

Effortless, visually pleasing navigation through your site with strategic wireframing designed by our user-friendly UX wonder team


The ‘strat beasts’ are our sensational team. … of planners that spend their days scheming the perfect positioning for your brand.

CX & Personas

Customer personas turn faceless target audiences into humanised archetypes, helping your brand identify exactly who you’re talking to.

we slide head first
into digital creation

a conduit where we challenge and transform problems through our integrated expertise.

Concept & Production

Our buddy-cop designer and copywriter duos fight the injustice of boring content with creative campaigns, striking imagery, and witty writing.


From Pixar-ready 3D animation to 2D that’s 2Die for, our animators take care to craft characters, models, and environments that turn heads.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics involves the use of animation, typography, and visual effects to convey information or to tell a story in a highly dynamic, creative, and engaging way.

Game Building

Don’t play with your food; play with your brand. Interact with your customers through unique games built for high-score engagement.

Web Development

The architects of your digital home base, our web developers build e-commerce sites, landing pages, and in their spare time, the Matrix itself.

Giving your brand the direction and velocity to launch in front of the right audience with...


Our browser gurus have travelled the four corners of the internet in search of engine optimisation that will give your brand the visibility it deserves.

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Paid Media

A phone is a billboard in your pocket, and our paid media team are maniacs for finding smart ways to put your brand in front of the right eyes, at the right time.

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Our team will plan, execute and drive results through Attracting, Acquiring, Fulfilling and Retention using best in class CRM tools and platforms.

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Making massive waves on impact, the size of which are measured and presented by

Data Analytics

One of the simplest ways to know if something matters is to measure it. We track key metrics to inform and improve future strategies.

Performance Marketing

Actions speak louder than words. Unless those words made you take a desired action. When it comes to bolstering your lead-generation campaigns, we’ve got your back.


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