AV(Audio and Visual)

Our Expertise

Flumes Audio & Visual department offers an in-house production service that can bring your brand or product to life through these key areas:

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Podcasts
  • Audio

What is an audio & visual department?

The Audio & Visual (AV) department specialises in production, creation, management, and delivery of audio and visual content. We play a crucial role in bringing your brand, your product and your story to life through photos, videos or audio storytelling. Our purpose is to create captivating visual narratives that propel Flume and our clients to new heights. We strive to connect audiences with powerful stories, fostering engagement, and driving impact. Through innovative visual and audio content, we aim to transform brand experiences, igniting a vision that resonates and shapes the future of digital marketing and makes it matter.

Why is audio & visual important?

In a world where our attention span is shortening and we are watching more than we are reading, we play an important role in helping you claim digital real estate on social media.

Our Process

Account Managers

Account managers liaise with you to determine your brand’s specific needs and goals. We identify your pain points and make surface level suggestions and check availability.

Pre-production planning

Enter our AV and strategy maestros. We’ll sit down with you and pre-plan, develop a cost estimate and determine deliverables. At this point we will map out shoot days, necessary equipment, etc.

Production Day and execution

Lights, camera, action! Based on your requirements we can ascertain who needs to be where and when.

Post production editing

We move onto the editing process, which entails, cutting, culling, touching up, and dubbing.

Creative Production

Deliverables are then handed over to the creative department to enhance or design.

Client handover

After finessing, the final product is handed over to you.

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