Our Expertise

Flume's expertise covers the full cycle from data ingestion, which makes sense of the data, to data visualisation. The cycles include the strategic functions of attracting, acquiring, fulfilling and growing customers

What is crm?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to strategies, technologies, tools, and practices used by organisations to manage interactions with current and potential customers. A CRM system aims to improve customer relationships by focusing on customer retention and driving sales growth.

Why is crm Important?

CRM is important because it gives an organisation the opportunity to see a single view of the customer across the whole spectrum. This empowers marketers to create more targeted and personalised marketing campaigns at scale more often,and enables organisations to make better decisions and much faster.

Our Process

Data ingestion

  • Marketing: automation and content
  • Sales: identify prospects
  • Delivery: product and service
    Retain & Grow
  • Customer service: understand your consumers

Data collation


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