Game Development

Our Expertise

  • 2D games
  • Rapid prototyping and iteration
  • Custom game design
  • Higher-spec 3D game development

What is game development?

In the context of marketing, games are interactive experiences that are designed to engage customers and promote a product, service, or brand. Games can take various forms, such as digital games, mobile games, social media games, and experiential games, and may involve different levels of complexity, challenges, and rewards.

Why is game development Important?

Games are important in marketing for several reasons:

  • Increased customer engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness.
  • Create memorable and interactive experiences for customers.
  • Drive desired behaviours, such as product discovery, social sharing, or purchase.
  • Provide valuable data and insights on customer preferences and behaviours.
  • Differentiate a brand from competitors and create a competitive advantage.

Our Process

Define objective

This includes the objective and target audience of the game.

Concept development

Create a storyline that aligns with the brand and its messaging.

Design mechanic

Design levels, challenges, and rewards.

Game development

Make use of the appropriate technologies and platforms.

Test and iterate

This ensures that there is optimal user experience and engagement.


We launch the game and promote it through various but relevant channels.


At this stage, we measure and analyse the success and impact of the game against marketing objectives.

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