What is research?

Research is the process of gathering, analysing, and interpreting information to unlock actionable insights to guide strategic decisions.

At the heart of every successful strategy lies a foundation built on thorough research. Our research services encompass a wide spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to uncover valuable insights about your brand, the industry, and your customers.

Primary Research

Our team will directly engage with your audience to gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, underlying motivations, and nuances of your target market to unlock marketing opportunities. We can conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups depending on your research objectives.

Secondary Research

Tapping into the wealth of existing knowledge to uncover competitor data, market trends, technology shifts and industry insights. Our expertise lies in transforming raw data into actionable insights that drive business success.

Why is research Important?

Think of research as the hidden architect behind a grand masterpiece meticulously planning and working behind the scenes to ensure the structure stands tall and beautifully eye-catching. While the output of research is not often seen in the end product, its careful measurement, thoughtful design, and strategic placement of every building block provide the backbone of the project. Research can take a good campaign and make it a great one by laying the foundation that leads to those ah-ha moments and that's why research matters!

Our Process

Our research process is a collaborative one where we work with clients to clearly understand research objectives and then develop customised research methodologies to gather research. We believe in going beyond surface-level data and digging deeper to extract meaningful and actionable insights.

Where the reviews speak
for themselves

Flume were instrumental in helping us to understand how users interpreted the proposed desires for a website refresh. After understanding what the primary outcomes for the new designs needed to be, Flume assisted with creating questionnaires which we vetted ahead of testing. The tests themselves were all remote and the team was very professional in how they went about the interviews, in line with what is expected from our brand. After combing through many hours of video content, a precise summary presentation was delivered. Persona’s were fleshed out and issues with the designs and content were highlighted. These issues highlighted both design elements as well as more subtle issues through the choice of wording used on page and in the navigation. The use of video footage in the presentation helped to convince stakeholders of the issues which were highlighted. The end results were a compelling report and agreement by stakeholders to update almost all of the items which were highlighted as issues which came up in user testing.

Financial Services Client

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