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Wondering what Flume brings to the table? Look no further! We've got it all covered—from top-notch SEO to cutting-edge Paid Media, strategic brilliance to immersive Game Development. With Flume, you're not just in good hands; you're in the best hands. Dive into our extensive service offerings, meticulously tailored to meet your every need.


Flume SEO offers in-bound, multi-platform content generation, focusing on three key areas of expertise.

ui and ux

UX is fundamentally about understanding your customers at a deeper level. This way, we can make more informed design and business decisions that can lead to innovation.

client service

Client Service means providing support to our clients who would like to market and communicate across their preferred digital channels.

creative production

Flume’s creative team is significantly different in that we house dissimilar talents, contrasting personalities and unique experiences.

Game Development

In the context of marketing, games are interactive experiences that are designed to engage customers and promote a product, service, or brand.

paid media

Paid media is one method by which organisations can promote their content through sponsored content be it social media posts, display and video ads, paid search, and other promoted digital content.

animation and motion design

With many animation styles and mediums of animation on offer, it’s often difficult to explain animation as a whole.


Flume’s expertise covers the full cycle from data ingestion, which makes sense of the data, to data visualisation. The cycles include the strategic functions of attracting, acquiring, fulfilling and growing customers.


Research is the process of gathering, analysing, and interpreting information to unlock actionable insights to guide strategic decisions.

data analytics

Data analytics is the process of collecting and interpreting data to uncover meaningful patterns, trends, and insights. It involves using various techniques and tools to extract valuable information from complex datasets.

AV (Audio and visual)

Flume Audio and Visual brings your ideas to life. From video to podcasts, our video team has the intrinsic knowledge and expertise behind the lens to transform how the world sees your brand.

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